Sunday, September 27, 2009


TSCnini: hi not looking for a cheat necessarily but getting very frustrated - i have tried everything but i cannot get past Donizetti. no problems with earlier levels, Grieg, Haydn etc but Donizetti shows up as either round 5 or round 6, jumps up onto the rafters and keeps using his trident attack.
tried playing Donizetti so i don't have to fight him, but when i do i can't dodge Saint-Saens' stampede attack, cos Donizetti is so slow on the ground
is there some trick i haven't worked out? its driving me crazy
the bastard has such stupid hair too lol

KRJAN: hey TSCnini - not somethibg I'v had problems with maybe you aren ot usig fast dodge?

LEOPOLD S: Donizetti will stay up and keep using the trident while it works, but like the other bel canto-era composers he's impatient so if you use fast dodge (left/left/right, or right/right/left) a few times he'll get frustrated and come back down.
Otherwise you can stay on the ground and fire your weapon up at him, e.g. with Delius you can throw your wheelchair up at him. Also Delius or Schubert are both good since Donizetti is vulnerable to syphilis attack.
Or you can try unlocking one of the more powerful C19th/20th guys - e.g. get Prokofiev unlocked by entering WEIMONTI on the high score chart

TSCnini: thanks leo ill try prokofiev

KRJAN: hells yah
womp that bel canto mutha neo-classcl stylz >:)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Uh Oh Look Out

Here it comes
- boom -
attacked by the Pope.

Attacked by children
attacked by evil women with whiskers and headscarves
their long fingers reaching in through the kitchen window
attacked by promotional mascots
five men dressed as letters of the alphabet
K, E, I, L, R
god damn it they are after you
run and hide in the sewers
attacked by a sewer inspector
reaching out of the darkness
rubber gloved fingers smelling of muck
later, in hospital, attacked by your own folks
parents, siblings
a cousin you've never met
then later by a nurse
by the cleaners
by the devil
although this last was possibly a dream
very well then:
attacked by a dream
falling through the roiling darkness
limbs flailing against them all

walking down the corridors in one of those blue gowns
open at the back
arse on display
god damn it they are out to get you