Thursday, January 6, 2011

There is Another Blog

Hi everyone. Happy New Year!

You will have noticed that Sleep Dep has been... um... sort of floundering for the past wee while. This has been a general trend in my creative output over the past year or so, and it's something I hope to be rectifying to some degree in the coming weeks. What that means in terms of SD, who can say. We shall see.

Meanwhile - about a year ago I started another blog, which initially had the lame title "The CG Book Plow Project". Anyways after a year of total stasis it seems to be taking on some semblance of life, has a cooler name and is located here.

The idea of SBQCYSIATTR is that, well...

Basically after a bit of hiatus I've started reading again, so it's a blog where I write up my thoughts on what I've read, or maybe do a post about things that interest me to do with reading, or books, or what have you. It's kind of like a review site, except not, since I'm not the world's best book reviewer and don't necessarily intend to become a great, insightful reviewer. Maybe it could become like a discussion-forum-type-deal to do with reading. I dunno.

Anyway it's there. Check it out. It's nothing flash. Here is a picture of Perez Prado.

Take Prez's hand.  He will lead you to a sexy mambo hell dimension.