Friday, June 26, 2009

The Sleep Dep On-Line Exquisite Corpse, #1 (June 2009)

This entry is part of an on-line exquisite corpse. Scroll down to the bottom for directions to the other chapters...


1. After dinner Tim Quinn called to say the police were putting together a search party for tomorrow morning, and were they interested. Dad took the call in his office on speaker-phone.
“Can't do it, Tim, I'm coaching.”
“What coaching?”
The tinny voice echoed off the bare brick walls.
“Footie, mate. Under twelves.”
“Sounds like a bloody excuse, mate. I've never heard of you coaching. You couldn't coach your arse off a barstool.”
Dianne had been hovering in the doorway, and surprised everyone by saying:
“I'll come.”
It'd be a Saturday morning, and it's not like she had anyplace else to be.

Actually there was another reason – she thought probably Peter McIntyre would be coming too.
And he did. The meet-up was at 7, a sports field on the edge of the bush, not too far from her college. There were maybe twenty people. Father Ross was there, handing out coffee and tea in styrofoam cups.
“No thanks,” she said.
Then she made her way over to Peter.
“Pretty cold, eh.”
He seemed to take a moment to recognise her.
“I reckon,” he said.
She left it there, moved a ways off, felt mild relief when the officer blew the whistle and started calling out instructions - “You'll be in groups of four,” she said. “It's real important that if you find anything or see anything you DON'T touch it, or them. Each group will have a whistle, so blow the


This is part 1 of 10. You can find the other installments here:

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Your eyes do not deceive you - that's the full 10, as of 15 July.

Thanks to all the writers who picked this up and ran with it - into some fairly strange places. I've assembled a full version as a Word doc, write in to if you want a copy (although I reckon part of the thrill is reading it straight from the blogs).


  1. Really interested in seeing whether this works...

  2. This is a very cool idea! I will watch with interest. For the moment, too nervous and uninspired to take you your challenge, but will continue to consider it. Possibly if I did it I'd turn my bit into some kind of free verse form.

  3. I claim the next entry! (27 June 2009)

  4. Good on you, Hix, over to you.

    I will update the chapter index as the 'corpse grows (ha ha, ever read that story by Ionescu?), and will eventually delete the instructions off this entry as I assume they will appear in people's later installments.

    And Helen - I think the free verse idea sounds wonderful.

  5. Hi. I just did part three.

    Cheers, it was fun!

  6. It's growing!

  7. Say what? I was sure I commented over here. Huh. You got me anyways.

  8. Episode 6 Posted:

    So much fun, I couldn't sleep. Just had to write instead.


  9. Hi Morgue, yes, I am stalking the story like... um... like Aleksandr Kaidanovsky.
    (who played the stalker in "Stalker")

    Debbie, Jenni, Dan - great stuff, thanks! This is fun, watching the thing unfold & change shape & whatnot.

  10. Parts 7 and 8 are up now - certainly taking odd turns.

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  12. Part 9 posted here -

  13. Cool - one more to go and it's done.
    I'll miss it once it's done.

  14. Hi
    Sorry I'm late in posting a comment - I missed the note at the bottom of the instructions.
    Yeah, I'm looking forward to reading the whole thing.
    Cheers and can we do it again?


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  16. Thanks for the advice Truumee!
    You're a marketing robot. That's pretty cool.
    When I was a kid I used to collect toy robots - now that I'm older, sometimes I worry I AM a robot!
    Ha ha.

    What's it like to be a robot, Truumee?
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    Is it cold, being a robot?