Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Korea vs Mighty Resonance (7)


Three people here.
Gathered around, facing me.
& at least one
(the older guy)
is psychologically abnormal.
Wide eyed.
Not reacting to anything.
Just smiling.
Very unsettling. Especially with the time distortion.
He’s like a doll.
Like the figurine back in Reception.
Then there’s this guy.
Their leader/manager.
Priest, maybe.
Name’s Barry.
He’s smiling too.
Being friendly.
Talking a lot.
Says: there’s been a misunderstanding.
I know the guy you mean. The one you met.
His name’s Shannon.
Affiliated with the Church.
Sympathetic to the cause, etc.
But not one of us.
Church keeps minimal staff.
Not currently recruiting for new members.
Not that sort of Church.
Evangelical vs post-evangelical.
Blah blah blah.
I let him talk.
Check the older guy.
Just sitting there, half smiling.
And the other guy.
The first one. From reception.
Acting like everything’s fine.
Except he’s worried about something.
Me, probably.

Tell Barry:
OK, stop now.
I understand.
Explain the device.
There is no device, he says.
All a misunderstanding.
Say: don’t jerk me around Barry.
We both know there’s a device.
First guy’s up on his feet.
That’s enough.
The office is closed.
Think you better go.
& Barry’s going ha ha.
Trying to smooth things over.
Think what Doug means is we’re keen to get home.
Dinner etc.
Tell them: yes.
Said that before.
Noticed that when I came in.
Your office is closed.
& so is the recruitment agency.
So is the web design company.
Whole floor is closed.
Only people here are you.
& me.

Let them chew that over for a second.
Think back to my lunch break.
Decide to bullshit them.

Tell them:
I don’t work for the Catholics.
But that could change.
Catholics don’t know about you.
But that could change.
Lot of things could change.
Way of the world.
Constant state of entropy, etc.
For instance:
I don’t intend to hurt you.
& you are not in danger.
Not right now.
But that could change.

Quick read of the room.
Doug’s the weak link.
Take a step towards him.
He’s trembling.
Say to him:
Me & the Catholics.
Not exactly simpatico.
But you guys. Don’t know anything about you.
Don’t know your agenda.
Don’t know if you’re dangerous.
To me. To my interests.
(See what I did there.)

Barry says: wait.
Let’s relax, I’ll get you a coffee.
Let’s talk this one over.
Goes over to the kitchenette.
Slowly, in slow time.
Starts making coffee.
Asks: how do you take it.
Tell him: doesn’t matter.
Make it however you want.
I’m not drinking it.
Barry nods. Stops what he’s doing.
Walks back.
Sits on the edge of a desk.
Arms crossed.
Pauses for a minute.

You’ve got it wrong.
It’s not a device.
Nothing like that.
Ask him: so what is it.
Nothing man-made, he says.
A resonator.
Massive resonant object.
Is it big enough to save the world - don’t know.
Could be.
Worth a try.

Older guy says:
Barry. He doesn’t know.

First time the guy’s spoken.
Weird voice. Like a clarinet.
Says: he doesn’t know what you’re talking about.
He saw the picture in Reception. Read “FEDIAR”.
He’s guessing.
Barry says: who are you.

Who am I, I say.
Good question.
Life keeps moving & changing.
Question like that becomes hard to answer.

Funny thing.
Don’t feel anxious anymore.

Allow me to explain how the whole entropy thing works


  1. I do not understand Korea Vs Mighty Resonance.

    But I think perhaps that the fact that I do not understand Korea Vs Mighty Resonance is rather pleasing to you.

    Because odd writers like affirmation their writing is odd.

    And yours is. Odd.

  2. Thanks!
    I think!

    This whole story was much shorter when it existed as something called "Resonant Object" on the old lappy. Which, you know. Got burglarised.
    This time around (rewriting it off the top of my head) it's inexplicably coming out THREE TIMES LONGER so apologies for the fact it just goes on and on and on.


  3. You know what, I just like this story. Benji Korea is a wonderful urban bulldozer of a guy. Sometimes I wish I could pull that off...