Monday, June 21, 2010

That’s another rejection letter, from an NZ literary journal (one of the Sleep Dep items – here).

I'm thinking that context might be an issue.
This site works OK as a home for these little bastards, whereas a magazine or journal… well I can understand they’d seem out of place.
The longer stories have the same problem. Not straight (or well-written) enough for a lit journal, not genre enough for a horror magazine.

Has anyone out there come across a journal/website/rich pervert that might be interested in this shit?
Let me know.

Meanwhile the blog IS alive, there WILL be posts, you HAVE been warned.
Coming soon:
Benji Korea
roadsign woman
& INCREDIBLE weight loss tips that REALLY WORK!!


  1. I will write you a proper email in the next few days, but wanted to say that I don't think it's context so much as individual people with their personal tastes. Send your stuff all over the place, everywhere. It'll find it's place. And don't compromise. Don't write stuff that you think people will like just so they'll like it. Yay you!

  2. Thank you Helen!
    And fear not.
    Compromise is not an option.

  3. Arthur stole my proper computer and went to Wellington, so my prpoer e-mail has yet to emerge. We would be willing to offer a writer's residence to your fine talent in Nelson should you find (at some stage) yourself in more southern climes. In fact as the comments in the original story post suggest that kind of writing would be a hit with the little tike. His favourite books at the moment are a lovely illustrated Hilaire Belloc's Jim and Banjo Patterson's The Man from Ironbark. If your two year old's favourite line is "He made the water boiling hot, and dipped the razor in!" you and your stories would be an asset.

  4. Also, you should write a story a day based on the word verifications that one encounters commenting on blog posts. For instance the word verification for my last comment here was coonsi, which would void a definition of you as writer if you were unable to incorporate that in a story...

    Did I just thumb my nose at you sir?

    (this on is flumaz... where do they get such fine words?)

  5. Charles Gillespie me old mofo! How are you!?
    A writer's residence would be a fine thing.
    As would a razor in hot water.
    With the verification words, I refer you to the third ever post on Sleep Dep.
    (& then "Moon Over Desert")
    (& then "Lives of the Great Composers - Forum")
    It is an apocolayptic prophecy which is 2% complete.


    US$5.42 for flash (under 1000wds)

    Every. Day.


  7. Aha! Matt this is great, thanks very much!!

  8. i didn't know that the word verification thingees are actually termed CAPTCHAs whcih can be read about in the all knowing wiki at
    i take my leave to search back to third ever posts and the meaning of 2% complete prophecys...